Finger Foods

Some senior living residents, especially in memory care programs, find eating to be a challenge because of their cognitive or physical limitations. Finger foods are a viable alternative.

The variety of foods included in a finger food (appetizer-style) menu is unlimited.

A finger food is any food that can be eaten with dignity and independent pleasure while promoting autonomy and a balanced diet.

Finger foods should provide:

• Nutritional balance
• Variety of tastes and aromas to stimulate appetite
• An appealing presentation

Examples of food items presented as finger food:

Firm vegetables that can be eaten with dignity
✔︎ Cubes or slices of meat or vegetables that are bite-sized, like an appetizer or croquettes
✔︎ Rolled food items
✔︎ Wraps that are not too thick or have too many layers
✔︎ Food on a skewer