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Alzheimer’s Care Associates

Providing you the expertise needed to deliver dementia/Alzheimer’s care of the quality you’d want for a loved one.

The Mission

About Us

The mission of Nancy Schier Anzelmo and the ACA’s is to actively participate in developing programs for persons with dementia that are a genuine practice of person-centered care.

Person Centered Care

Nancy Schier Anzelmo has gained over 20 years of hands-on experience in development, planning, start-up, stabilization, marketing, operations, budgeting, programming and evaluation of assisted living and dementia care communities and programs.


Long before the term was popularized and the conceptual framework formalized, Nancy was advocating and developing person-centered dementia care.

“Perfect” Model

The “perfect model of care” is unfolding. Every new program or service for individuals living with dementia is an opportunity for education, enlightenment and improvement.

Essential Elements

Special assisted living or dementia programs should include several key components. We will guide you through the process of settings up and enabling the essential elements.

Meet Us

Nancy Schier Anzelmo

Award-winning, highly regarded and nationally known gerontologist and Alzheimer’s/dementia care specialist, Nancy Schier Anzelmo is founder and principal of Alzheimer’s Care Associates LLC (ACA). In addition, she coordinates the California Program Forum of the California Alzheimer’s Association, and is a faculty member in the Gerontology Department of California State University, Sacramento.

She serves on the board of the California Assisted Living Association, and the California Culture Change. She is an active member in the following organizations: the American Society on Aging, Argentum, The Gerontological Society of America, the American Association of Gerontology in Higher Education, and the Pioneer Network, and the Dementia Action Alliance. She is the co founder of the Connected Horse a non profit organization focused on the research and implementation of equine guided interventions for all people affected by dementia.