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Our Services

Nancy Schier Anzelmo has gained over 20 years of hands-on experience in development, planning, start-up, stabilization, marketing, operations, budgeting, programming and evaluation of assisted living and dementia care communities and programs.

Primary Services


Signature Dementia Care Programs


Development Services


Performance Evaluation / Assessment

Signature Dementia Care Programs

To separate and distinguish your dementia care programs from your competitors, ACA’s specialized team can work with your entire company or specific communities to develop a signature program. Comprehensive plans include:

  • Integration of Person-Centered Philosophy and Practice
  • Definitions of Program Components and Service
  • Placement Issues
  • Care Planning
  • Staffing
  • Operational Manuals
  • Training (with Manual) to State Standards
  • Marketing
  • Support Services
  • Policies, Handbooks, Procedures and Documentation Systems

Developement Services

Whether your company already offers senior living or wants to break into the industry, ACA crack team can provide expertise that will allow you to identify and respond to opportunities in the marketplace; avoid false starts or costly errors; and develop state of-the-art proficiency to ensure your competitiveness. Development services include:

  • Market research for project feasibility, based on a thorough understanding of pro forma market and operating assumptions
  • External/internal market data collection and analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Consumer focus groups
  • Site selection
  • Design review
  • Interiors and space utilization review
  • Preparation of development budget
  • Profitability projections
  • Assistance with launch
  • Marketing planning, strategies and budgeting

Performance Evaluation / Assessment

An objective appraisal of your operations –- at any phase of its lifecycle — allows you to maintain the quality that is highly valued in the marketplace. ACA can:


  1. Review and evaluate your site and program, using a proprietary audit tool
  2. Provide objective reporting to your management team with detailed findings
  3. Set out recommended “next steps” and strategies to improve overall performance and strengthen occupancy, leadership, marketing, resident care, and financial performance

Operations Consulting

Ongoing excellence requires ongoing attention, which is especially meaningful when provided by an objective third party. ACA can review your operations and recommend any needed enhancement in the following areas:

  • Business organization
  • Business planning
  • Management systems
  • Budgeting
  • Best practices
  • Marketing
  • Staff recruitment, selection, training, utilization, and retention
  • One-to-one staff mentoring
  • Training manuals
  • Community usage and needs
  • Development of policies, handbooks, procedures, and documentation systems

Training / Coaching / Mentoring

Nancy Schier Anzelmo is a nationally known, highly regarded speaker, trainer and teacher.  All of ACA’s training courses, even when taught by associates, are designed by Nancy and incorporate her knowledge and values. ACA’s team is well aware that individuals have different learning styles. That is why a range of training formats are provided, including:

  • “Train-the-trainer”
  • Group participatory workshops
  • One-to-one coaching and mentoring
  • Family and consumer focused presentations

CQI — Continuing Quality Improvement

To maintain the excellence of your program, ACA will continue working with our clients, by providing:

  • Follow up visits and bi annual review
  • Signature Program Design
  • A “Success Indicators” plan
  • Benchmark best practices resources

Consultation is available on an hourly or per project basis.